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Bunions are the actual boney lump that gradually form over the inside of the big toe joint – Hallux Abducto-Valgus or HAV is the technical term that describes how the big toe changes direction and rotates due to pressure and mechanical forces at the joint during gait. Certain foot types can be more prone to HAV and bunion formation and are often hereditary.

Poor foot mechanics play a big part where excessive pressure results at the big to during gait. Footwear – in particular narrow toed and high heeled shoes and some activities such as sport an ballet are also contributing factors. Some bunions are pain free others are painful due to several factors – corns on the bunion, rubbing on shoes, bursitis formation at the joint, limited movement of the joint and are at greater risk of arthritis.

Your podiatrist can help treat symptoms and advise you on footwear, and assess your foot mechanics and recommend orthotic options to reduce the pressure at the big toe joint and slow the process down. Most bunions start forming during adulthood – Children can develop Juvenile Bunions from the age of 10-15 in these cases there is a strong genetic component.

At Blueprint Podiatry we are experienced in assessing foot types prone to bunions and can advise on orthotic therapy to slow down this process especially when we are assessing and working with children. In some cases we will discuss surgical options and refer to a podiatry surgeon for a surgical opinion