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Flat feet

Flat Feet, Pronated Feet, Rolled in feet usually have quite flexible joints and the range of motion to roll in or collapse through the arches. This foot type can adapt to uneven ground but often more muscle energy is required than normal during gait to maintain unstable joints thus resulting in fatigue or tired aching feet and legs.

Flat feet are literally that – little or no arch there is often a hereditary component and in some cases there is no associated pain. Pronated feet or rolled in feet however do not necessary always result in a lowered or flat arch. Pronation is the motion of the joints in the rear foot that control to some degree how the whole foot operates. Feet that pronate during gait appear to be rolled in at the heels and medial ankle and sometimes have a lowered arch but not always, and there is excessive pressure under the ball of the big toes when stepping forward.

Pronation at the foot can also result in internal rotation at the legs and knees. There are many symptoms or foot conditions that can be as a result or contributed to by pronated feet and your podiatrist can assess and explain how your feet function and the related issues and then advise on the best treatment plan to suit your feet.

Orthotic therapy is often indicated with flat feet, pronated or rolled in feet. Pronated feet don’t always present with pain however a range of potential issues related to your pronated feet may occur at some stage and our experienced Podiatrists are able to advice you on preventative orthotic therapy – especially with children – related to your feet and hereditary history.