Block G Unit 1 Number 2 Reliance Drive Tuggerah NSW 2259
Mon-Fri 7:00am-7:00pm
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Why Us?

When you choose Blueprint Podiatry you can expect the same level of care to make sure that every step is a great one!

Why Us?

At Blueprint Podiatry, we believe that every foot is an individual. And as such, every treatment should be tailored to the needs of a person's feet. Our warm and welcoming environment is designed to make you feel at ease in order for us to focus on your feet and help you achieve your goals.

We offer comprehensive care for all ages including toddlers learning to walk, school-aged athletes, mum & dad weekend warriors and their parents too.

We take a holistic approach with our treatments by addressing biomechanical function as well as anatomical structure which allows us to create customised solutions that fit each unique foot type - no matter what the age or activity level.