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What to Expect

Podiatry Appointments - What to Expect

We listen! You get all the time YOU need! We think outside the square and we have the tools to make sure that YOU have happy and Healthy Feet!

You deserve our undivided attention, and that's exactly what you'll get! We pride ourselves on our innovative approach and possess the expertise to ensure your feet are not just healthy, but happy too!

We're committed to providing a tailored management plan for each client. This includes a clear understanding of your treatment goals, diagnosis, expected timeframe, and comprehensive management strategy.

Our team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. We're passionate about keeping our clients active, joyful, and in the best of health!

To Make the Most of Your Appointment, Please Bring:

  1. Footwear Variety: Bring your work, exercise, casual, and even your home footwear like slippers and thongs. They give us valuable insights into your foot care needs.

  2. Orthotic Devices: If you currently use or have used orthoses, please bring them to your appointment.

  3. Previous Medical Results: Any imaging or past medical results you have can be extremely useful in your assessment.

  4. Referral (If Any): While it's not necessary to have a referral to see our Podiatrists, if you do have one, please bring it along.

  5. Appropriate Clothing: As we'll be conducting walking and activity assessments, wearing comfortable clothing is advisable.

  6. Medicare and Health Insurance Cards: We offer on-the-spot rebate processing where applicable.

Should you have any questions or specific needs before your appointment, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your foot health is our top priority!

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