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Functional Leg Length Difference

In most cases LLD is functional is a result of a tight joint or muscles on one side of the body – often the hip or a pelvic imbalance.

Functional Leg Length Difference

Many things can cause this to happen such as activities at work that require standing and twisting in one direction, or sports such as soccer and football where one side of the body is used differently to the other. Functional LLD often results in the feet compensating for the imbalance and one foot functions differently to the other which over time can cause pain in one foot. A functional LLD can usually be resolved by working on the tight joint or muscles and re-balancing the area with stretches. Unstable foot mechanics can also contribute to pelvic imbalances so several components need to be assessed and treated.

At Blueprint Podiatry we work closely with Paediatric Physios and Osteopaths to align the whole body and resolve a functional LLD before working with orthotic therapy, and in our experience working on the whole body’s alignment from the feet up gets the best long-term results

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