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Running Assessments

Improve your run! Our Running Assessment analyses biomechanics, offering tailored interventions for efficiency, comfort, and injury prevention.

Running Assessments

Runners of all levels benefit from our comprehensive Running Assessment. Expert podiatrists analyse biomechanics to optimise performance and prevent injuries through tailored advice, exercises, and footwear recommendations

Whether you're a seasoned marathoner, a casual jogger, or just starting your running journey, our assessment is designed to identify and correct any biomechanical inefficiencies that may be affecting your stride.

During a Running Assessment, our trained podiatrists analyse your running style, foot strike pattern, and lower limb biomechanics. This thorough evaluation helps us identify any areas of concern that could potentially lead to injury or hamper performance.

Understanding your running biomechanics enables us to offer tailored advice and interventions, such as corrective exercises, running drills, footwear recommendations, and orthotic therapy.

Our goal is to help you run more efficiently, comfortably, and injury-free.

Top 10 reasons to consider a Running Assessment:

  • Improve Running Efficiency
  • Prevention of Running-Related Injuries
  • Recovery from a Previous Running Injury
  • Enhance Running Performance
  • Custom Orthotics Prescription
  • Footwear Advice
  • Preparation for a Running Event
  • Managing Chronic Pain related to Running
  • Improve Running Form and Technique
  • General Health and Fitness Improvement

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