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Zebris Treadmill Assessment

Revolutionary Zebris Treadmill at Blueprint Podiatry on the Central Coast offers precise gait analysis for tailored podiatric care.

Zebris Treadmill Assessment

Rely on the Zebris Treadmill's precision for a comprehensive gait analysis, optimising performance and preventing future foot issues.

Exclusive to the Central Coast, our state-of-the-art Zebris Treadmill is a revolutionary tool for precise gait analysis, providing valuable insights into your walking and running patterns.

Using high-resolution sensors and advanced software, the Zebris Treadmill allows our expert podiatrists to assess your gait biomechanics in detail. It measures key parameters such as step length, foot pressure distribution, timing, and symmetry, providing a comprehensive understanding of your individual movement patterns.

With this data, we can identify any abnormalities or imbalances that may contribute to foot pain, injuries, or decreased performance. The Zebris Treadmill enables us to develop personalised treatment plans, including orthotic therapy, exercise programs, and footwear recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

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Trust in the precision of the Zebris Treadmill for a thorough and accurate evaluation of your gait, helping you optimize your performance and prevent future issues.

Top 10 benefits of the Zebris

  • Comprehensive Gait Analysis

  • Injury Prevention

  • Performance Optimization

  • Foot Pain Management

  • Orthotic Therapy

  • Rehabilitation Tracking

  • Sports Performance Enhancement

  • Footwear Recommendations

  • Pre- and Post-Surgical Assessment

  • Data-Driven Treatment

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