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Growing Pains

Growing pains are a common occurrence in young children. These pains often occur in the legs, particularly in the calves or behind the knees.

Growing pains can be sporadic or recurrent. Here is some information about growing pains and four frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to this condition:

What causes growing pains?

The exact cause of growing pains is unknown. However, it is believed that they may be related to the normal growth and development of muscles, bones, and ligaments during childhood.

How can Blueprint Podiatry help with growing pains?

At Blueprint Podiatry, we can assess your child's foot and leg biomechanics to determine if any underlying factors are contributing to their growing pains. Our podiatrists can provide advice on footwear choices, stretching exercises, and lifestyle modifications that may help alleviate the discomfort associated with growing pains. In some cases, custom orthotics or other treatment modalities may be recommended to provide additional support and reduce strain on the legs and feet.

Are growing pains a sign of a more serious condition?

Growing pains are typically considered a normal part of a child's development and are not associated with any long-term or serious health issues. However, it is essential to differentiate growing pains from other conditions that may cause similar symptoms. If you have concerns about your child's leg pain, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional, such as a podiatrist, for a proper evaluation and diagnosis.

Can anything be done to prevent growing pains?

Since the exact cause of growing pains is unknown, it is challenging to prevent their occurrence entirely. However, certain measures may help alleviate the discomfort or reduce the frequency of episodes. These include maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, ensuring adequate rest and sleep, wearing supportive and properly fitting footwear, and implementing stretching exercises or gentle massage techniques as recommended by a healthcare professional.

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