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In-toeing or Pigeon Toes

In-toeing or Pigeon Toes is often a genetic component and the hip position can also influence the position of the leg and foot.

In-toeing or Pigeon Toes

Children with this complaint walk with their feet/toes turning in – they are usually not in any pain unless they also have very pronated feet which may cause leg tiredness or knee pain – but may be at higher risk of tripping and as a result injuring themselves. In-toeing can be a complex issue and can be caused by 3 main factors – Metatarsus Adductus (turned in foot/big toe), Tibial Torsion (shinbone/leg turns inwards) or Femoral Anteversion (Thigh bone turns in).

Hip, leg and foot positions can be influenced in the womb usually if there is not enough room or the feet or legs are squashed into certain positions. In-toeing is usually first noticed when children begin walking and is most common in children under 8 years, but can also spontaneously appear at any age during childhood. It can affect one or both feet/legs/hips.

Treating in-toeing usually involves advice re footwear, gait exercises and in some cases orthoses. At Blueprint Podiatry we work closely with other practitioners often Paediatric Physios and Osteopaths to assess and treat the hip and leg position and re-balance muscles and gait patterns. In-toeing can be complex to manage and often involves other issues such as pronated or flat feet and your Podiatrist will explain and discuss your child’s conditions and treatment options in detail.

How can Blueprint Podiatry help with in-toeing?

At Blueprint Podiatry, we specialise in assessing and managing various foot and lower limb conditions, including in-toeing. Our podiatrists will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the underlying cause and severity of the in-toeing. Based on the assessment, we can provide recommendations for appropriate interventions, which may include exercises and stretches to improve muscle balance and coordination, footwear modifications, and orthotic devices if necessary. We work closely with other healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive and coordinated care for our patients with in-toeing.

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