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Knock Knees - Genu Valgum

Genu valgum, commonly known as "knocked knees," is a condition characterized by the inward angling of the knees when the legs are straightened and the feet are together.

Knock Knees - Genu Valgum

It is most commonly seen in children, typically between the ages of 2 and 5 years old however this condition can flow though to adulthood.

Blueprint Podiatry can provide assessment and treatment options for genu valgum. Here are some frequently asked questions about genu valgum and how Blueprint Podiatry can help:

What causes genu valgum?

Genu valgum can have various causes, including normal growth and development, family history, and certain underlying medical conditions. In many cases, it is simply a natural part of a child's growth and resolves on its own as they get older. However, if the condition persists or is associated with other issues, such as pain or difficulty walking, it is important to seek professional evaluation and management.

Can Blueprint Podiatry help with managing genu valgum?

Yes, Blueprint Podiatry can help with the management of genu valgum. We can conduct a thorough assessment, including evaluating the child's gait, foot alignment, and overall lower limb mechanics. Based on the findings, appropriate treatment options will be recommended. This may include providing advice on footwear selection, prescribing custom orthotic devices to improve foot alignment and stability, and referring to other healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists or orthopedic specialists, if additional interventions are necessary.

Will my child outgrow genu valgum?

In many cases, children will naturally outgrow genu valgum as they continue to grow and develop. However, the timeline for resolution can vary for each child. It is essential to monitor the condition and seek professional guidance if there are concerns about persistent or worsening symptoms. Blueprint Podiatry can provide ongoing assessment and management to ensure the child's progress and address any issues that may arise.

Can genu valgum cause long-term problems?

In most cases, genu valgum does not cause significant long-term problems, especially if it is a part of normal growth and development. However, if the condition is severe or accompanied by other complications, it may require more comprehensive management. Blueprint Podiatry can assess the severity of the genu valgum, monitor any associated symptoms, and coordinate with other healthcare professionals as needed to ensure comprehensive care for the child.

It is important to consult with a podiatrist at Blueprint Podiatry for a proper evaluation and individualised management plan for genu valgum. They can provide guidance, monitor the condition's progress, and recommend appropriate interventions to support optimal lower limb alignment and function.

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