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Sports injuries

There are many bones and joints in the foot and therefore many ligaments tendons and muscles within the foot and also many tendons from muscles in the leg which finish up and attach to bones in the foot.

Sports injuries

Some sports require very different use of muscles on one side of the body to the other such as with soccer or tennis where there is a dominant arm or kicking leg. Over time this contributes to the over use or stress of certain joints and muscles more than others and can result in a leg length discrepancy which can lead to strain on one foot more than the other. Below are some common injuries…

  • Ankle sprain, strains and fractures
  • Foot injuries such as fracture of the 5th metatarsal, sesamoiditis, tendonitis, tendinitis, strain or rupture of the Achilles tendon , muscle strains, broken bones, damage to or loss of toenails
  • Injuries of the lower limb that may be related to poor foot mechanics – shin splints, muscle strain or cramping, hip or groin strain, knee injuries

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