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Toe Walking

Toe walking, also known as equinus gait or tip-toe walking, refers to a walking pattern where a person predominantly walks on their toes without their heels touching the ground.

Toe Walking

This condition can occur in both children and adults and may have various underlying causes. Blueprint Podiatry can help diagnose and manage toe walking with a personalized approach. Here are some key points and frequently asked questions related to toe walking and how Blueprint Podiatry can assist:

Is toe walking normal in young children?

Toe walking is relatively common in toddlers who are just learning to walk. However, if toe walking persists beyond the age of three or four or is a frequent pattern, it is essential to have a professional evaluation.

Can toe walking cause problems with foot development?

Prolonged toe walking can lead to issues with calf muscle tightness and potentially affect the development of the Achilles tendon and calf muscles.

Is toe walking related to autism?

Toe walking can sometimes be associated with certain developmental conditions, including autism spectrum disorder. Blueprint Podiatry can work with healthcare professionals to address any underlying issues.

Can toe walking be corrected?

With appropriate intervention and treatment, toe walking can often be corrected. Early identification and intervention yield the best results, especially in young children.

By seeking guidance from Blueprint Podiatry, individuals with toe walking can receive a thorough evaluation, personalised treatment plan, and support to address any underlying factors contributing to the toe walking pattern, promoting optimal foot function and walking mechanics.

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