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Blueprint Podiatry Discusses Women in Football

29 August 2023

Unlock the Secrets to Optimal Foot Health in Football: How Blueprint Podiatry and Central Coast Football are Teaming Up

As the official Podiatry partner for Central Coast Football, I'm thrilled to share with you my recent experience attending the "Women in Football" conference organised by Sport and Exercise Podiatry Australia. At Blueprint Podiatry, we are deeply invested in the foot health of the footballers in our community, and the insights gained from this conference will only enhance our ability to serve you.

The world of sports, especially football, has seen significant challenges for women. 82% of professional female footballers surveyed in 2022 explained that they had pain and discomfort caused by their boots, playing on less-than-optimal pitches, the obstacles are real. At Blueprint Podiatry, we recognise these challenges and work to mitigate them for our athletes on the Central Coast.

The sobering statistics around injuries like Sam Kerr's ACL injury at the age of 16, along with 37 eligible players for the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup being out with the same injury, reinforce the necessity of our focus on the unique aspects of sports-related lower limb injuries. Anatomy, neuromuscular function, and hormones seem to be areas where researchers are looking to make a significant impact.

While the physical demands in football are equal across genders, female athletes have faced unique challenges, These facts drive us at Blueprint Podiatry to tailor our approach to the needs of each player, ensuring proper recovery and optimal performance.

Footwear remains a core concern for us, and with 29 million females playing football worldwide, attention to details like boot fit and comfort is crucial. Brands like Nike are making progress with products like the Luna, but we at Blueprint Podiatry are continually looking for ways to align the right footwear with each player's specific needs.

The "Women in Football" conference was more than an educational experience. It was an affirmation of our shared goal with Central Coast Football to prioritise foot health for our footballers. Our role in the community is to provide not just treatment but preventative care and education. We understand that the current season is coming to a close but it won't be long before the preseason is upon us and that's the perfect time for screening and going through our preseason checklist.

If you're interested in learning more about how Blueprint Podiatry is working with Central Coast Football to keep our footballers at their best, feel free to book an appointment at www.blueprintpodiatry.com.au.

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