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Diabetes Mellitis is a group of metabolic disorders where there is a high blood sugar level in the body


Diabetes Mellitis is a group of metabolic disorders where there is a high blood sugar level in the body.

Type 1 involves the pancreas not producing enough insulin and usually occurs in younger people including children (juvenile diabetes).

Type 2 involves the body resisting insulin and is more likely to occur in middle to older adults as a result of poor diet ,excess weight and lack of exercise.

Gestational Diabetes is a third type that can occur in pregnant women with no prior history and often resolves post-natally.

At Blueprint Podiatry, we specialise in providing comprehensive foot care for individuals with diabetes.

Why is foot care important for individuals with diabetes?

Diabetes can lead to complications that affect the circulatory and neurological systems, increasing the risk of foot problems. Reduced sensation and circulation in the feet can make it difficult to detect injuries or wounds, impair balance and motion, and impact the overall health of the skin and nails as well as delay healing. Proper foot care is essential to prevent complications, and maintain overall foot health.

What is a diabetic foot assessment, and how often should it be conducted?

A diabetic foot assessment is a specialised examination performed by a podiatrist to evaluate the foot health of individuals with diabetes. It includes assessing sensation, circulation, skin condition, and foot structure. The frequency of these assessments may vary depending on individual risk factors and the presence of any complications. Generally, it is recommended to have a diabetic foot assessment annually, with more frequent assessments for high-risk cases.

Are Medicare EPC rebates available for podiatry services for individuals with diabetes?

Yes, individuals with diabetes are eligible for Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) rebates for podiatry services. To access these rebates, a referral and care plan from your general practitioner (GP) is required. Our team at Blueprint Podiatry can work in collaboration with your GP to provide the necessary care and ensure you receive the benefits entitled to you.

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