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Dry skin and cracked heels

Dry skin on the feet occurs for reasons including a lack of perspiration, exposure to warmer weather with open footwear, or as a result of conditions such as tinea, psoriasis and diabetes.

Dry skin and cracked heels

Dry skin is very common on the feet and occurs for a number of reasons including a lack of perspiration (also known as anhydrosis) exposure to warmer weather with open footwear, as a result of conditions such as tinea, psoriasis and diabetes. Some medications and hormonal changes in the body can contribute to dry skin and in some cases, it’s simply due to age. Dry skin contributes to a build-up of callus in some areas of the feet and can result in cracks or fissures of the skin which is common at the heels.

How does dry skin contribute to callus and skin cracks?

Dry skin tends to accumulate in certain areas of the feet, which can lead to the formation of calluses. Calluses are areas of thickened and hardened skin that can be painful. Additionally, dry skin can cause cracks or fissures, particularly at the heels. These cracks can be deep and increase the risk of infection. Proper treatment and moisturisation are essential to manage calluses and prevent skin cracks.

How can a podiatrist help with dry skin, callus, and skin cracks?

Our experienced podiatrists can provide comprehensive care for dry skin conditions. We offer professional treatment for calluses and skin cracks, including pain-free removal and advice on suitable moisturiser creams for your specific foot needs. Additionally, we can assess and address any underlying causes contributing to dry skin, ensuring a holistic approach to foot health.

Can moisturizing creams improve dry skin on the feet?

Yes, moisturising creams play a vital role in managing and improving dry skin on the feet. Our podiatrists can recommend the best moisturizer creams tailored to your individual foot condition and related factors. These creams help restore moisture to the skin, improve its texture, and reduce the risk of callus formation and skin cracks. Regular use of appropriate moisturisers can help maintain healthier and more comfortable feet.

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